About the Club



Founded in 1937, Santa Barbara Lawn Bowls Club has served as a vibrant community of lawn bowlers for generations. A volunteer-run organization, we are the caretakers of the lawn bowling greens at Spencer Adams Park. We proudly welcome Santa Barbarans of all ages and walks of life.


Year-Round Club Bowling

10:00am — Tue, Thu, Sat & Sun
Arrive 15 min. early to put in your chip and get assigned to a game

12:30pm — Tue, Thu & Sat
Games organized on-demand by members

Twilight Bowling (Summer)

5:30pm — Tue & Thu
Arrive 10-15 min. early to join a team

Twilight League

3:00pm — Sun
Next league begins Sep. 29; visit League page to sign up


Carol M. Smith Green

The main green at Spencer Adams Park is maintained by professional greenskeepers and club volunteers. It was named in 2010 for Carol Smith, club member and former supervisor of the city’s lawn bowls clubs. The green will always remind players of her commitment to the club and “never-give-up” perseverance.


Stan Palmer Green

Santa Barbara Lawn Bowls Club also features an artificial turf bowling green, which allows us to bowl even in soggy conditions. This green was named for Stan Palmer in 2003, whose generous donation made this green possible. It also features removable bocce courts, which serve the local Special Olympics bocce team.




Grant Gibson, President
Tim Thornton, Vice President
Jane Streiff, Treasurer
Alice Chaffee, Secretary
Janet Napier, Past President Ex Officio
Leo Bechstein, Director
Marlyn Nicolas, Director
Mary Penny, Director
Gloria Torres, Director
Chris Trenschel, Director


Club History

1937 - 1938 Santa Barbara Lawn Bowls Club Founded; Ladies Club Added

1939 - 1955 Tournament Bowling Winners for Santa Barbara

1956 - 1959 Spencer Adams Club House; Ordinances 2534 and 2545; #2 Green Added

1960 - 1963 Bowling Achievements; Silver Anniversary Party; Spencer Adams, Bowler

1964 - 1965 Presidents Day, Ladies Day, Trophy Winners, MacKenzie LBC Founded

1966 - 1969 SBLBC 91 Charter Members of MPLBC, Club House Extension

1970 - 1977 Glen Boyle honors, Major Tournaments, Floods, 40th Birthday Party

1978 - 1979 Major Floods, On The Jack, Joint Maintenance Agreement; Labor Day Invitationals, US Championships

1980 - 1987 Pres. Charles Fleck; New Shed; Charter of Incorporation; Gold Coast; 50th Anniversary

1988 - 1990 Marcellus Joslyn Foundation Funds, Lynn Abbott Awards

1991 - 1992 Van Wingerden Flower Fund, Joslyn Lanai, Gold Coast Champs

1993 - 1994 Pres. Mina Launt; Gold Coast Champs; Dita's Mural; Bunga-Bunga Damages Joslyn Lanai

1997 - 1998 Pres. John O’Dea, Heritage Tree, British Cup, 60th Birthday Party

1999 Pres. Eleanor Simmons, Bowling in England & Scotland, Spaghetti Feed

2000 - 2001 Pres. Jim Stahl, British Visitors, Italy, Spain, End-of-Millenium Party

2002 - 2003 Pres. Bill Schultz, Stan Palmer Donation, Carpet Installed, City Champs

2004 - 2005 Pres. Dorothy Thielges, Dudley’s Bios, Gold Coast Champs

2006 - 2007 Pres. Lee Schmedes, City Champs, SBLBC Website, 70th Anniversary

2008 Pres. Dorothy Thielges; PARC Fund Contributions; Fun Days

2009 Pres. Eileen Morton, Flower Fund for Fun Days

2010 - 2011 Pres. Bud Viard, Carol Smith 40 Years Honored, Winston Boards

2012 - 2013 Pres. Tim Thornton, 75th Club Anniversary

2013 - 2015 Pres. Tony Cunningham

2015 - 2017 Pres. Sharron Adams

2018 - 2019 Pres. Janet Napier

2019 - Pres. Grant Gibson

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